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My name is Riccardo and I am a freelance photographer based in Verona (IT). As you can guess by viewing my website, I mainly take pictures in sport and motorsport scenes. I am very interested in any kind of sport and car/bike racing since I was child and photography is the right step to merge these passions.

I was born in Verona in 1980 and after primary and secondary school I graduated in Economics at the University of Verona in 2004. At that age photography was still a “not-classified” hobby. I remember that my pictures were only taken by an ugly and obsolete compact camera I had received as gift. During this period, my photography experience was limited to some motorsport events, at which I was mainly as spectator. Giving that rig, the image quality, as you can guess, was very low and results much boring and annoying. I then realized my experience should upgrade to something higher and better, therefore I joined the magical world of DSLR camera.

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You probably wonder why I am a sport/motorsport photographer. That is easy: I love the action and the details you can freeze with a camera when something happens quickly. Can you imagine how many things happen in 1/1000 (or less) of a second? We always watch (live or on the TV) a sport action running very quickly but we lose a lot of details. Photography gives us the right help to appreciate all those loss details.

Another reason why I love action photography (in sport or motorsport events) is the great feeling and attraction that panning shots can give. Panning photography is the hardest photograph technique, but the most effective when you want to freeze an action and give, at the same time, a dynamic effect and movement to a photo frame. As you can see in my portfolio, there are some nice and cool examples of what I was describing.

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In my portfolio, I have a collection of many sport and motorsport events, from local to international ones. Here below is an accurate list of what I have followed in 2015 and in 2016 so far.

Being a great motor racing fan, I usually schedule the upcoming photographic season in february or march. My main targets are races on tracks or on public roads.

About races on tracks, in a 300 km range area from my home town are the four most important italian circuits: Monza (MB), Imola (BO), Mugello (FI) and Misano Adriatico (RN). I have covered main GT3 car series (Ferrari Challenge, Blancpain GT Series, Lamborghini Supertrofeo), ELMS (European Le Mans Series), World SBK (with its connected minors series: FIM Superstock and FIM Supersport) and last but not the least Formula One grand-prix.

I then followed most important rallies and other races on public roads, an example is the famous Trento-Bondone hill climb, which is usually in July.

I am interested in sport events as well, no matter if locally, nationally or internationally. Last year I have been accredited to take pictures at the ATP Champions Tour round in Verona and at the 72nd Italian Golf Open.

2018 events:


  • Blancpain GT Series (Monza) | April 2018
  • Blancpain Lamborghini Supertrofeo (Monza) | April 2018
  • Italian GT Championship (Imola) | April 2018
  • Porsche Carrera Cup Italiy (Imola) | April 2018
  • Hankook 12H Imola – 24H Series by Creventic (Imola) | May 2018
  • DTM (Misano World Circuit) | August 2018
  • International GT Open (Monza) | September 2018
  • Ferrari Challenge World Finals 2018 (Monza) | November 2018


  • ELMS 4 hours of Monza | May 2018
  • Michelin Le Mans Cup (Monza) | May 2018


  • FIA F3 European Championship (Misano World Circuit) | August 2018


  • WorldSBK Riviera di Rimini (Misano World Circuit) | July 2018
  • MXGP GP of Italy (Imola) | September 2018


  • Open d’Italia 2018 (Garda Golf & Country Club – Brescia) | May/June 2018

2017 events:


  • Blancpain GT Series (Misano) | April 2017
  • Blancpain GT Series (Monza) | April 2017
  • Blancpain Lamborghini Supertrofeo (Monza) | April 2017
  • Italian GT Championship (Imola) | May 2017
  • Porsche Carrera Cup Italiy (Imola) | May 2017
  • Hankook 12H Imola – 24H Series by Creventic (Imola) | July 2017
  • Italian GT Championship (Mugello) | July 2017
  • Porsche Carrera Cup Italy (Mugello) | July 2017
  • International GT Open (Monza) | September 2017


  • ELMS 4 hours of Monza | May 2017
  • Michelin Le Mans Cup (Monza) | May 2017


  • WorldSBK Riviera di Rimini (Misano World Circuit) | June 2017


  • Lignano Open – Alps Tour Golf 2017 (Lignano Sabbiadoro) | July 2017
  • Open d’Italia 2017 (Golf Club Milano – Monza) | October 2017

2016 events:


  • GP of San Marino and Riviera Rimini (Misano World Circuit) | September 2016


  • Lessiniasport | March 2016
  • Rally Legend (Republic of San Marino) | September 2016


  • Ferrari Challenge Europe (Monza, MB) | April 2016
  • Blancpain GT Series Endurance race (Monza, MB) | April 2016
  • Blancpain Lamborghini Supertrofeo (Monza, MB) | April 2016
  • Ferrari Challenge Europe (Mugello, FI) | April/May 2016
  • Italian GT Championship (Imola, BO) | May 2016
  • Porsche Carrera Cup Italia (Imola, BO) | May 2016
  • Italian GT Championship (Mugello, FI) | July 2016
  • Porsche Carrera Cup Italia (Mugello, FI) | July 2016


  • ELMS 4 hours of Imola (Imola, BO) | May 2016


  • 73rd Open d’Italia (Monza, MB) | September 2016


  • Round of Imola (Imola, BO) | May 2016


  • Masters World Cup (Bolzano, BZ) | May 2016
  • IHWC 2016 (Asiago, VI) | June 2016

2015 events:


  • GP of Italy (Monza, MB) | September 2015


  • GP Riviera di Rimini (Misano Adriatico, RN) | June 2015
  • FIM Supersport (Misano Adriatico, RN) | June 2015
  • FIM Superstock 1000 (Misano Adriatico, RN) | June 2015
  • FIM Superstock 600 (Misano Adriatico, RN) | June 2015


  • Lessiniasport | March 2015
  • Rally Campagnolo | May 2015
  • Rally Legend | October 2015


  • Blancpain GT Series Endurance race (Monza, MB) | April 2015
  • Lamborghini Supertrofeo (Monza, MB) | April 2015
  • Ferrari Challenge (Mugello, FI) | November 2015


  • 4 hours endurance race of Imola (Imola, BO) | May 2015


  • Trento – Bondone (Trento, TN) | July 2015


  • 72nd Italian Golf Open at GC Milano (Monza, MB) | September 2015


  • ATP Champions Tour (Verona) | November 2015


  • Photography (including photo editing)
  • Economics and Finance
  • Hardware and Software
  • Website design & development
  • Flight simulation


  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • US Sports (Baskteball, Football, Ice Hockey, Baseball)
  • Skiing
  • Motorsport (Formula One, MotoGP, Rallies)