Campionato Italiano GT Imola 2018

The last weekend of April was the 2018 season’s kick-off for CIGT (Campionato Italiano GT) at the Autodromo Enzo & Dino Ferrari in Imola. The italian GT championship had confirmed the same weekend format as previous year with two races of one hour. Scuderia Baldini, with former F1 driver Giancarlo FISICHELLA and Stefano GAI, took a victory in race 1 and a second place in sunday’s race 2; they got most points than any other team. In race 1, other two podium spots were reached by Antonelli Motorsport (second placed with car #19) with Martin VEDEL and Lorenzo VEGLIA and BMW Team Italia with Stefano COMANDINI and Alberto CERQUI.
Race 2, ran on sunday at noon, has been won by Audi Sport Italia (only 6th the previous day) with drivers Marcel FASSLER and Bar BARUCH, while on third place once again Antonelli Motorsport, but with car #63 driven by Daniel ZAMPIERI and Giacome ALTOE’.

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